About Gscore

Primo O. Mital

Raised in Lipa City, Batangas Mr. Mital started playing golf in 1995 while developing business applications for various SME clients in the Southern Luzon area. In 2010, after having participated in a good number of golf tournaments, the concept of developing a golf scoring program came to mind.

I saw that the majority of golf tournaments was scored by a single person hidden away at a backroom office. With the pressure of the awarding ceremonies in progress and little time to check, mistakes in selecting the winners was the norm. There had to be a better way of doing this.

After a few more years of development, testing and trials the Gscore golf tournament scoring system was launched. In 2012 during the Brother Rafe 7 Golf for Education tournament held at Malarayat Golf and Country Club, Gscore was employed successfully. This was witnessed by several golf personalities in the industry, who immediately inquired and booked Gscores scoring services. Since then Gscore continues to participate in golf tournaments both major and minor for golf clubs all over the Philippines. Golf clubs have benefited from the lower cost, speed and accuracy that Gscore provides. On top of this Gscore can be customized to handle any individual or team format that golf tournament organizers can device.

Maestro Systemas Technologies

In 2010, in answer to his ever growing clientel of resorts, hotels, golf clubs and call centers Mr. Mital registered his IT company Maestro Systemas Technologies. With his team of programmers they have developed applications such as resort property management, point of sale, time/attendance & payroll, inventory management, club membership, accounting and many more.

In time with the growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines, Maestro Systemas Technologies provided training and placement services for call center agents with major call centers in the region. At present the company is also engaged in business process outsourcing with its complement of over 40 employees, they provide clients in the US with encoding, bookkeeping, marketing, research and data analytics services.

We live in interesting times, over the last 3 decades technology has developed at an amazing pace. By staying at the forefront of this development, Maestro Systemas Technologies is committed to its clients evolving needs by continously providing the skills, talent and abilities required.

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